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Seahorse Key Lighthouse

Seahorse Key is located near the coastal community of Cedar Key, on Florida's Gulf Coast. Seahorse Key is part of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge, and is leased to the University of Florida for use as a marine research station. The lighthouse is open to the public on 2 days per year, during the weekend of the Cedar Key Seafood Festival in October. The island is accessible by taking a boat from Cedar Key. There are several private boat-owners who will take you over for a fee (about $10), so just show up at the Cedar Key dock on one of the festival days and reserve a spot. Seahorse Key is very small, and you can walk from the dock to the lighthouse and then to the small beach in just a few minutes. These photos were taken on October 24, 1999.

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The sign at the front of the research station.
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What a surprise - a regular 60-watt lightbulb resides at the top. I heard someone say that the original light was stolen.
Couldn't resist buying the t-shirt.

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