The Grand Canyon - From Mather Point to Hermit's Rest

May 13, 2001

I was naive enough to think I could see most of the Grand Canyon in one day! After the first day, I decided to spend an extra night in Flagstaff and return the following day. The daily entrance fee is $20 per vehicle per day, but fortunately I was able to purchase a National Parks annual pass for $50. It more than paid for itself on this trip.

These photos are from the first day, May 13. We entered the park at the South Entrance Station, and our first stop was at Mather Point. Then we walked over to the new Visitor's Center and caught a shuttle bus which would take us westward to the lodge area, where we caught another bus to Hermit's Rest. The road to Hermit's Rest is closed most of the year to private passenger vehicles, so you must take a bus unless you are disabled. The buses were very convenient and came by every 10-15 minutes. This allowed us to get off of the bus at each scenic point, then catch another bus a few minutes later.

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